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November 21, 2020

Medicine Melancholy from Touhou Project

Medicine Melancholy

Touhou Project

Photographer: Okiem Kruka

This photo was made during FotoCon by Techland in WleĊ„

Edit by me and Okiem Kruka

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Cosplayer: Marusera-Yumeart

Medicine Melancholy from Touhou Project
Medicine Melancholy from Touhou Project
Medicine Melancholy from Touhou Project

Flandre Scarlet from Touhou ProjectFlandre Scarlet
Touhou Project
Sakuya (Touhou Illusion ver.) from Touhou ProjectSakuya (Touhou Illusion ver.)
Touhou Project
Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou ProjectSakuya Izayoi
Touhou Project
Marisa Kirisame from Touhou ProjectMarisa Kirisame
Touhou Project

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