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To be featured on Daily Cosplay please email the following information to comments

To be considered entries must:

  1. Include or link to three or more photos.
  2. Photos should be at least 730 pixels wide.
  3. Photos should not have excessive watermarks, for example an anime or game logo.
  4. Higher resolution photos are best.
  5. At least one photo should clearly show the entire costume.
  6. All photos attached for a single entry should be of the same costume, however various configurations of the same costume (helmet on or off, holding different weapons and props) and minor changes due to photos being taken at different times are acceptable.
  7. Photos should be sent as file attachments, not linked.
  8. If you have more than one costume send a separate email for each one you wish to enter.
  9. Even if you've already appeared feel free to enter again. There's no limitation on how many times you can be featured.

In your entry, if you'd like, describe your costume, your character, and anything interesting about how you made it. For example:

Where were you when the photo was taken?
How did you make your costume?
What part of the costume was most difficult to create?
Describe your character.
What about the character appeals to you?
Have you worn the costume to conventions? Which ones?
How did fans react to your costume?
How did you get into cosplay?
How long have you been making costumes?
Have you won any costume contests?

Please include the following information:



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You must be 13 years old or older to submit a costume.

You can submit as many costumes as you like as often as you like, just submit them one at a time.

By sending an entry you grant dailycosplay.com permission to post your entry globally and to edit your story for length and suitability.

You also affirm that you are the owner of the photo or photos you've uploaded and grant dailycosplay.com the right to publish and archive them here. You also grant us the right to crop, retouch and adjust the photos as needed to allow for the best presentation of your costume.

The sooner you enter the better the chance your costume will be selected. We will review every submission.

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