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August 26, 2012

C-3PO from Star Wars


Star Wars

I always liked the design of C3PO and thought it's a costume that you don't see often. The challenge of wearing the costume and constructing it was interesting to me.

The parts are all made out of fiberglass and vac-plated with aluminum and tinted gold. The greeblies such as pistons, eye vents, etc. are machined out of aluminum. The midsection is made from a bar mat and has wires zip tied to it.

Surfacing the main body and getting it ready to vac-plate was the most difficult and time consuming part.

I got into cosplay in a sort of roundabout way. I'm an industrial designer by trade and have always been interested in movies. So I started out building and collecting props and then thought it would be fun to dress up for Halloween at work one year. I picked up a Rubies Darth Vader and got hooked after that. 6 years later and 11 costumes later I'm still building stuff and wearing it out to cons.

I wore 3PO to Dragoncon in 2010. It took two people an hour to bolt me into the costume. Plus I was completely blind when walking in it so they had to guide me everywhere.

At Dragoncon people went crazy over it; I mean how often do you see 3PO?

Cosplayer: Rob Miller

C-3PO from Star Wars

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