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September 11, 2012

Blue Rose ブルーローズ from Tiger and Bunny タイガー&バニー

Blue Rose ブルーローズ

Tiger and Bunny タイガー&バニー

Photographer: blurscrib

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The photos were taken in a factory, imitating Blue Rose tracing robbers there.

The entire costume is hand made inclusive of the accessories. The materials used are mainly nylon spandex, nylon lyrica,foam, gold ribbons, fabric paint and some beads.

The thorny tails are difficult to make because I needed it to be light enough to stand yet strong enough to maintain the shape. I replaced stuffing cottons to lighten the weight.

Blue Rose is one of the sponsored hero for Hero TV in Tiger and Bunny. She is the Tsundere type who preferred to be a superstar rather than an actual hero. Most of the time she has the style rather than the tactic in catching the criminals. I guess we both are the Tsundere type and we shares the liking for Kotetsu.

I debuted this cosplay in Animangaki and was glad to found so may people who recognized the character and gave me encouraging words on the costumes and props.

I started liking anime and manga when I was a kid and it appeals to me greatly to be able to play out some of the characters I fancy. In 2009, I met several cosplayers who gave me a kick start. It was downright fun to be in the community so I just keep going cosplay.

I've been making my own costumes and props for close to 4 years now.

Here are some of my cosplay achievements: 2010 - Enma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo) featured in MyTeruTeruBozu magazine (cover girl). Yuko Ichihara (XXXHolic) champion in Nips Crazy Challenge. Sumire Kanzaki (Sakura Wars) runner up in Anicom. Organized Christmas Cosplay Ball 2010.

2011 - Ashura (RG Veda) featured in Faces magazine. Ashura (RG Veda) champion in Hari Belia Cosplay Event. Cosplay judge for GAMP 2011. Milia Rage (Guilty Gear X) runner up in HELP Games. Quistis Trepe (FF8) Champion for Anicom. Isis (Ouke no Monshou) Malaysia rep for AFA. Delphine (DOD) champion for Comic Fiesta 2011. Featured cosplayer in MAGSEVEN media interview. Organized Christmas Cosplay Ball 2011: Four Season.

2012 - Princess Kakyuu featured as daily deviation in Deviantart.com. Cosplay Judge for Perak Youth Jam.

Cosplayer: Venus Lim

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