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April 16, 2013

Simon Petrikov and Marcy from Adventure Time

Simon Petrikov and Marcy

Adventure Time

Photographer: Ger Tysk

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Everything's fine, don't freak out or anything... Except oozing candy zombies. There's that...

Lookit Chlo-Chlo's sleeping face, it goes straight to happy... GAH this little girl. XD Simon made and worn by xHee-Heex. Marcy made by xHee-Heex and worn by Chlo-Chlo. Hambo made by Hopie-chan.

There are still lots of things that I want to change or improve on with this John Lenn- I mean Simon Petrikov costume, but as a whole I'm super super happy and satisfied with how it turned out!

I had never made a prosthetic before, I'd never laid my own facial hair pieces, I'd never made a functioning backpack, spandex gloves, or dabbled in PAX paint, but I pushed myself to research and learn about all these things in order to get as accurate as I could with this costume! I also had to make the costume for our Little Marcy, and had a blast with that! Even if I was terrified of using such tiny patterns! x3

Cosplayer: xHee-Heex

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