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August 11, 2013

Ranger General Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft, Warcraft III

Ranger General Sylvanas Windrunner

World of Warcraft, Warcraft III

Photographer: Sean Gemmel

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Constructed in about a month, this was a real test of endurance for my fabrication skills. The chest is a plaster cast that is finished, sanded, and then covered with marine vinyl in a leather patterned texture. The legplates are craft foam covered with the same material, as are the pauldrons. The trim is a faux suede with grommets, brads, and studs in place for accent. The pauldrons are attached to the chestplate with snaps, and the chestpiece is strapped on with buckles and straps in an X pattern across my back. The cloak affixes to the front of the chest with hook and eye closures.

This costume is featured in the July/Summer issue of BioGamer Girl Magazine by BGG Entertainment. I see a lot of Sylvanas as we know her now - undead, and there is even photos of a cosplayer running around in Alleria Windrunner's armor - but I've never seen a living Sylvanas. Any of us who have seen the cinematic for Lament of the Highborne know how sad her story was. When I was thinking about what to do for DragonCon this year to step my game up, living Sylvanas was a natural choice. A strong leader who refused to leave her homeland to be decimated by the scourge and fought until her dying breath. A lot of people forget about that part of Sylvanas's story - and I feel it should be remembered.

She is one of my top strong women in gaming. An absolutely steel spined leader - a woman who inspires her people, who takes care of them, places them under her wing, and guards them like any fierce mother would. People think that Sylvanas is crazy, not dealing with a full deck, selfish on behalf of the Undead - but look at what she has been through. She is a flawless leader, takes no guff off of any of the rest of the faction and race leaders, and will go to the death (again) for her cause.

Cosplayer: Shattered Stitch Cosplay

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