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August 12, 2013

CoCoNa from Shunya Yamashita artwork


Shunya Yamashita artwork

Photographer: Andy Scheel

Shunya Yamashita is my favourite artist. His girls are sexy and strong. I keep his gorgeous figures scattered throughout my room for inspiration. My boyfriend discovered that I had this cosplay hidden in my closet because I was too shy to wear it. With his help, I made improvements to it until I gained the confidence to show it off. The (modified) armor was made by Dulcinea Cosplay (who has been featured on Daily Cosplay in the past for her amazing Codex costume). I purposely chose this (ExandOh) wig, despite it not being accurate to the original artwork. It is the colour of cotton candy to fit the theme of Atomic Lollipop (the carnival con where I would first unveil myself as Cocona). In the end I am proud of myself for making the transformation into one of Shunya Yamashita's legendary girls!

Cosplayer: Ray Ray

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