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August 7, 2013

Kei Yuki 有紀 蛍 from Space Pirate Captain Harlock 宇宙海賊キャプテンハーロック

Kei Yuki 有紀 蛍

Space Pirate Captain Harlock


Photographer: Layla Evenstar

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This is the 3rd costume I have done from the Leiji Universe. Harlock is such an endearing series to me and the character designs are so iconic and original. If you see a Leiji Matsumoto character its hard to mistake them for something else! I wanted a simpler costume but still iconic and popular for Winter Wonderfest 2013 so I choose Kei because her body suit would do well in sub freezing Tokyo temperatures. This version if from the upcoming CG Harlock film coming in fall 2013.

I made the body suit from scratch by tracing an outline of my body onto metallic Lycra fabric, cutting two layers and sewing them together. All of the accent and gold trim were fabric glued on using G14 hobby glue (the best in Japan for cosplay). For the black part I bought a turtle neck at the local clothing store and cut it in half, taking the top half and sewing it to the body suit. The gloves and leggings came from Milanoo.com but were later customized by me to fit over my suit.

All leather accessories came from either Uniclow or Daiso. BTW, many people ask me where I got the cosmo dragoon gun. It was won out of a UFO catcher game in Akihabara. It took me about 30 win it but its much cheaper then what they charge on ebay!

The skull emblems are felt patches with gold fabric glue for the eyes and teeth. Belt buckle is wood with paper clay.

Cosplayer: CelestialShadow19

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