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December 15, 2013

Rune Knight from Ragnarok Online

Rune Knight

Ragnarok Online

Photographer: N8e

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The Rune Knight class from Ragnarok Online looked different at first, but they made a new design for it. I loved it from the very beginning! And I played a lot of Ragnarok a few years ago... So I had to cosplay something from Ragnarok Online some day.

Most of the armor was made out of Worbla's Finest Art. I also used craftfoam and EVA foam. It didn't take really long to make it, I just tend to take a lot of breaks between my working process.

I've worn this cosplay for the Japan Expo Belgium. And I will wear it again for Hanami in Germany.

Cosplayer: Atashi

Rune Knight from Ragnarok Online
Rune Knight from Ragnarok Online
Rune Knight from Ragnarok Online

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