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December 1, 2013

Menace メナス from Queen's Blade クイーンズブレイド

Menace メナス

Queen's Blade クイーンズブレイド

Photographer: nuramoon

Menace, along with her living scepter Setra, serve as minions of The Swamp Witch. Originally the Princess of the ancient kingdom of Amara, she was betrayed and trapped in her slave quarters by her adviser and mentor, Anarista, 4,000 years ago where she died. Menace would later be resurrected by The Swamp Witch to do her bidding. However, Menace seems more concerned with restoring her fallen kingdom of Amara than following orders.

Menace is a very powerful sorceress. She has the ability to resurrect people, as well as forcing them to do her bidding by making them her servants with the evil spirits that she summons. Menace uses the cloth wrapped around her waist to constrict enemies. Menace also employs the remarkably perverted living scepter, Setra as a mace like weapon in combat. Despite her gentle nature, she's a master of martial arts that was passed down by the royal family. Her punch emits a cursed aura that can suck her opponent's life with a simple touch.

Cosplayer: GeniMonster

Menace メナス from Queen's Blade クイーンズブレイド
Menace メナス from Queen's Blade クイーンズブレイド
Menace メナス from Queen's Blade クイーンズブレイド
Menace メナス from Queen's Blade クイーンズブレイド
Menace メナス from Queen's Blade クイーンズブレイド

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