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November 28, 2013

Jessie from Toy Story Series


Toy Story Series

Photographer: Velociraptor

Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl, better known as Jessie, is an excitable and beautiful cowgirl doll. She likes being loved by any other child and has the power to yodel. She hates being in storage - as it makes her claustrophobic - and not having someone to love her. Well, good thing that I’ve had loads of love for this costume of mine already!

I made this originally for a Heroes & Villains themed party but it has since become one of my most worn cosplays. I even got to take some photos in Toy Story Play Land in Paris - something that fit her doll-like scale a bit better than my normal surroundings.

My favourite part of the costume is my yarn full of hai- oh, I mean my hair full of yarn! I made the wig without really knowing whether it would look good or not - but in the end I was really satisfied! Even though it does take a long while to style it every time you have to put it on - which I didn’t really have time for in Disneyland.

Can you square dance?

Cosplayer: Liv-is-alive

Jessie from Toy Story Series
Jessie from Toy Story Series
Jessie from Toy Story Series
Jessie from Toy Story Series
Jessie from Toy Story Series
Jessie from Toy Story Series

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