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November 12, 2013

I-No イノ from Guilty Gear ギルティギア

I-No イノ

Guilty Gear ギルティギア

Photographer: Kei

One of That Man's servants and apparently a time-traveler, I-No appears in the Postwar Era approximately two weeks after the events of Guilty Gear X. She attacks Dizzy and sets the various fighters of the era against each other, seeking to help That Man's still-unrevealed plans. She fights with an electric guitar, both using it as a bludgeon and playing it to create deadly sonic waves. She also wears a pointed witch's hat that can fire projectiles out of a hidden "mouth."

Cosplayer: mad-shou-hatter

I-No イノ from Guilty Gear ギルティギア
I-No イノ from Guilty Gear ギルティギア
I-No イノ from Guilty Gear ギルティギア
I-No イノ from Guilty Gear ギルティギア

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