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September 12, 2013

Catherine from Catherine キャサリン


Catherine キャサリン

Photographer: Sylvia Gunde

So I greatly improved my Catherine cosplay for AX this year and really wanted to do a really cute photo shoot! So my friend Sylvia and I spent the day creating some awesome images!!! I've been waiting so long to shoot with a pink background for my Catherine, it was like a dream come true!!!

Cosplayer: MissMacross

Catherine from Catherine キャサリン
Catherine from Catherine キャサリン
Catherine from Catherine キャサリン
Catherine from Catherine キャサリン
Catherine from Catherine キャサリン

Succubus Catherine from CatherineSuccubus Catherine
Scanty & Knee Socks from Panty & Stocking with GarterbeltScanty & Knee Socks
Panty & Stocking
with Garterbelt
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Morrigan Aensland from DarkstalkersMorrigan Aensland

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