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September 8, 2013

Neko ネコ from K Project

Neko ネコ

K Project

Photographer: Martin Graubaum

Neko is a female Strain and also extremely attached to Yashiro Isana. She is able to switch from her cat form (light pink colored fur with a small, pink nose) into her human one. Overall she is an absolute carefree and playful character. She is quite gluttonous, constantly hungry and whines when she isn't being fed.

At the time in Germany, where K Project became a popular show, I had no home internet. I only came across with this topic again, because I was often asked if I could do the Neko part in several groups. Since so many people were interested in me, I started to concern myself with the character. Haha, I was shocked when I found many nude pictures of her - I thought, it was a joke after all. At some point I finally watched the series... and I was very excited. A very good, exciting storyline with extremely interesting characters, which I can only recommend to you. I also fell in love with Neko, as she had appeared; she is exactly the type of girl, I always end up, haha. Absolutely adore her, I would adopt her immediately, if I had the chance. *wished a cat for so long*

At first I was a bit scared... I didn't really think that it would fit me so well. I was pretty overwhelmed by the feedback; I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fans/supporters/friends for all the lovely comments, which have reached me. It means a lot to me, that the hard work has paid off. I actually spent several days at the photo concepts, make-up and detailed work and busy myself with cats, so I could act convincingly as possible.

I plan to wear this costume on the Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurt, Germany - October 2013) with two friends, who will dress up as Anna and Kuroh. I hope, my soulmate will eventually decide to make my Shiro anytime. *sob*

I first got into cosplay In general, through a stupid, funny chance. I visited the Leipzig Book Fair (Germany) for the first in 2008, because I wanted to meet Matsuri Hino (Mangaka, Vampire Knight), who was a special guest at this time. Yeah, I had arranged a meeting with some friends, I had met on Knuddels (popular German chat plattform). They were already costume artist and so I was actually inevitably confronted with this hobby. But I liked it immediately and I also saw many other, charming artists on the fair, who inspired me. Even with this special event, I wanted to start some years later. I've been an active cosplayer officially since 2010. So I'm actually still a chick, haha.

Cosplayer: Mizukishou

Neko ネコ from K Project
Neko ネコ from K Project
Neko ネコ from K Project
Neko ネコ from K Project

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