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April 11, 2014

Horo ホロ from Spice and Wolf 狼と香辛料

Horo ホロ

Spice and Wolf 狼と香辛料

Photographer: nuramoon

Horo is a wolf harvest deity over 600 years old. She is originally from a place in the north known as Yoitsu, which is similar to the legendary land of Hyperborea. Long ago she made a promise to men from Pasloe that she'd ensure the town would have good harvests.

Despite her responsibility to watch over the town, she wants to go back to her homeland in the north; she believes the people have already forsaken her and that she has kept her promise to maintain the good harvests. Horo wants also to travel to see how the world has changed while she has remained in one place for years. She manages to bargain her way out of the village by making a deal with Kraft Lawrence to take her with him.

She escapes from town in Lawrence's wagon and starts traveling with him. Horo takes the form of a girl younger than Lawrence, though she still retains her large white-tipped wolf tail, and ears.

Cosplayer: GeniMonster

Horo ホロ from Spice and Wolf 狼と香辛料
Horo ホロ from Spice and Wolf 狼と香辛料
Horo ホロ from Spice and Wolf 狼と香辛料
Horo ホロ from Spice and Wolf 狼と香辛料
Horo ホロ from Spice and Wolf 狼と香辛料
Horo ホロ from Spice and Wolf 狼と香辛料

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