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April 13, 2014

Shampoo シャンプー from Ranma 1/2 らんま½

Shampoo シャンプー

Ranma 1/2 らんま½

Photographer: Honosuke

I got to cosplay as Shampoo with wonderful Su-rine as Ukyo <3 A big thank you to my wonderful Ukyo, for making these cosplays a reality.

Shampoo is the champion of the Nyucheizu village. She came to Japan to kill the female Ranma after he defeated her in an annual martial arts contest since he and Genma had hungrily devoured the prize, a well-stocked banquet table, while coming upon and watching the contest. Shampoo gave Ranma the "Kiss of Death", a promise to track 'her' down and eventually kill 'her'.

She is highly skilled in unarmed combat, possessing considerable speed and agility. Shampoo is strong enough to casually walk through reinforced stone walls on a regular basis; she says she does this because the door takes too long. She can also efficiently use certain supernatural acupressure techniques for instant unconsciousness, temporary mind-control, or even selective memory-removal. Her weakness is her lack of durability, as she is recurrently defeated by single forceful attacks. She uses a pair of "chúi" as her primary weapons.

Cosplayer: RinaG

Shampoo シャンプー from Ranma 1/2 らんま½
Shampoo シャンプー from Ranma 1/2 らんま½
Shampoo シャンプー from Ranma 1/2 らんま½
Shampoo シャンプー from Ranma 1/2 らんま½

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