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December 6, 2014

Darkflame Shyvana from League of Legends

Darkflame Shyvana

League of Legends

Photographer: Antony Gomez Photographe

I am a long time fan of League of Legends. I play since the beguinning of the game and I started crafting my own cosplays because of this game.

Back in 2012, I wanted to give myself a challenge so I choose Darkflame Shyvana as my next cosplay. I like cosplays where I can still add my own personal touch to it. Plus I really liked the design and I love Shyvana’s background of fierce warrior. It was my first full armor, my first helmet and also my first time with Worbla, a well-known material that was nearly unknown at the time.

The armor is mostly made out of Worbla, but I also used foam, papier maché and boardsheet

There were two very challenging parts in this costume: the helmet and the boobiewindow. I made the helmet entirely from scratch. It is made of cardboard. The horns are made of expending foam covered with eva foam and papier maché. For the chestpiece, I had to find my own way to create this boobsplate with the open part.

I have presented this costume in many conventions and fans were always really happy to see it.

Photo editing by Sebastian Lanzara.

Cosplayer: Galuren

Darkflame Shyvana from League of Legends

Photographer: Nakana-Focus

Darkflame Shyvana from League of Legends

Photographer: Ledouppe A.rt

Darkflame Shyvana from League of Legends
Darkflame Shyvana from League of Legends

Photographer and photomanipulation: Yohann Franco - Photograph

Darkflame Shyvana from League of Legends

Photographer: Steeve Li Lun Yuk Photography

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