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May 24, 2014

Feena from Grandia



Photographer: Jascha

This series of photos I did with a good friend. We went of to look for places that would be like in the game and I am really proud that we managed to make such beautiful pictures. It was a really fun day.

I hope you all like this little story like picture set and have fun looking at it ^^

Feena is a professional adventuress and poster girl for the Adventurer's Society. She spent the majority of her childhood living with her sister Leen on the outskirts of New Parm on the New Continent of Elencia.

Soon after Leen left to join the military, Feena decided to fill the gap left by her sister and become an adventurer. She joined the Adventurer's Society, stationed in the town of New Parm and after several successful adventures, became an instant celebrity across Elencia. Soon after meeting Justin she quit the Society to join Justin in his quest for Alent. Feena's weapon types are knives and whips, and she has Fire magic at her disposal. At very high magic levels, Feena can perform powerful Icarian magic.

Cosplayer: Luminias Cosplay

Feena from Grandia
Feena from Grandia
Feena from Grandia
Feena from Grandia
Feena from Grandia
Feena from Grandia

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