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November 25, 2014

Rena Night Watcher from Elsword

Rena Night Watcher


Photographer: Sandman-AC

My name is Francesca and I'm 24 years old :) My passion for Cosplaying started in 2009, when I attended Lucca Comics with my first cosplay of Haruhi Suzumiya. For me cosplay is passion, fun and being with my friends. I'm still a beginner but I hope to become more and more good!!

The Night Savers send Rena the Trapping Ranger to investigate a kidnapping after receiving an appeal for help from the Ponggos. The elven warrior's only mission is to find out who is behind the misdeed. But when she finds the awful King Nasod holding the Ponggos captive, she couldn't turn away. Rena considers the Ponggos as her faithful friends, and she must rescue them at once!

With help from Elsword and the rest of their El Search Party, Rena attacks and beats King Nasod. The Trapping Ranger rescues the kidnapped Ponggos, and the community of Altera is grateful. Seeing Rena's broken Blade of Erendil, the village's sword smith forged it into a greater, mightier sword for the brave elf—who, from now on, carries the honor of Night Watcher.

Cosplayer: KICKAcosplay

Rena Night Watcher from Elsword

Photographer: stregatt0

Rena Night Watcher from Elsword

Photographer: Wenbin He

Rena Night Watcher from Elsword

Photographer: stregatt0

Rena Night Watcher from Elsword

Photographer: Manuel Moggio

Rena Night Watcher from Elsword

Photographer: Francesco Ambuchi

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