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September 14, 2014

Victorian Poison Ivy from Batman fanart by NoFlutter

Victorian Poison Ivy

Batman fanart by NoFlutter

Photographer: Kifir

This was an experimental photoshoot, that we made at home with specially drawn and printed background and handmade decorations by our photographer and artist Kifir.

I made the costume myself including wig and make-up. I loved this fanart from the first glance and this was very interesting to make! It’s a very well-known Batman villainess, but in steampunk-ish victorian age style. I fell in love with the design created by NoFlutter immediately and I’m glad I could make this dream cosplay real!

It was really difficult to make the corset part, because of the specific of the fabric, and I’m still not completely satisfied with it.

I really love Poison Ivy for being strong, clever woman and very feminine at the same time. That’s why she’s one of the most dangerous villains for Batman. And since I adore victorian style I just couldn’t resist.

I wore this costume for a few events, including Halloween Fest where I also was one of the hosts and J-PopCon in Denmark. Because of the high heels and large wig it’s not very easy to wear, but I love it anyway x) The reaction was mostly positive, the costume looks unusual and many people loved the wig, which makes me happy ^__^

I got into cosplay about 11-12 years ago with the help of my friend Ryoko and I’m still very thankful to her.

Cosplayer: Rei

Victorian Poison Ivy from Batman fanart by NoFlutter
Victorian Poison Ivy from Batman fanart by NoFlutter

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