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September 27, 2014

Kagura Tennozu from Speed Grapher

Kagura Tennozu

Speed Grapher

Photographer: Nyan-Kitty-Cat

"The Goddess" (Kagura Tennozu) from the anime Speed Grapher - one of my favorite anime that not a whole lot of people are familiar with. This was quite a different costume for me to wear, and while I was apprehensive at first, the experience went extremely well!

I originally made this costume in 2011 for Otakon, but re-made some parts for Anime Matsuri 2014, and possibly some location photoshoots.

This was my first photo-manip-ish kind of thing. :O I've played around with photo manipulating before, but was always really hesitant to do so with any of my cosplay photos since, in my opinion, it's really hard not to make them look cheesy. I'm well aware there are issues, but I figured I'd post it since I liked this particular photo of my Kagura costume, but never wanted to post the original photo since it was taken at the crowded Baltimore Convention Center and there were lots of people in the background. So, the idea to completely remove all the background ugliness and replace it with something benign like a sky came to pass.

The sky image is from Sed-rah-Stock who has a plethora of awesome stock images.

The original photograph was taken by Nyan-Kitty-Cat.

Cosplayer: MelfinaCosplay

Kagura Tennozu from Speed Grapher

A closeup shot of my Kagura costume from Otakon 2011. I really liked this setting for Kagura, since the anime itself is VERY urban, and the Otakon location is right in downtown Baltimore. What better place to strut around half-naked, right? XD

Photographer: Nyan-Kitty-Cat

Kagura Tennozu from Speed Grapher

Photographer: ArdentNinja

Kagura Tennozu from Speed Grapher
Kagura Tennozu from Speed Grapher

Photographer: ArdentNinja

Kagura Tennozu from Speed Grapher

Photographer: Truculent Photography

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