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April 17, 2015

Kamishiro Rize from Tokyo Ghoul

Kamishiro Rize

Tokyo Ghoul

Photographer: KeyDou

Kamishiro Rize (神代 利世) is a ghoul that was hanging out at Anteiku. She set her eyes on Ken Kaneki, but moments before eating him, she was injured in an accident and her organs were transplanted in Ken Kaneki, making him half-ghoul.

Rize is also known under her nickname Binge Eater (大喰い, Binge Eater or Gluttony, literally Big Eater). Because of her eating habits, Rize was a threat to most ghouls of the 11th ward and 20th ward.

Rize is a voracious, independent ghoul who acts as a femme fatale to those who fall victim to her charms. She is an enigmatic female with many aquaintances whom are left with a mysterious impression of her and those who come into conflict with her rarely come out alive, with the exception of Banjou, who finds her self-dependence and strength attractive. She has no ambitions and wanders the wards aimlessly to appease her boredom.

Cosplayer: Akina Gasai

Kamishiro Rize from Tokyo Ghoul
Kamishiro Rize from Tokyo Ghoul
Kamishiro Rize from Tokyo Ghoul
Kamishiro Rize from Tokyo Ghoul

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