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August 23, 2015

Jaycee Julia Chang from Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Jaycee Julia Chang

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Photographer: Travis Hoang

This is my first sewn cosplay and it was very difficult! I created my own pattern by drawing on my own body. The material is all lycra. I probably should have started off with an easier costume, but I like how it turned out!

Julia is a peace loving character at one with nature. In Tekken Tag tournament 2, she dons the luchadora outfit to fight in place of a woman injured in a car crash. I have some fond childhood memories of playing the Tekken franchise, and always liked Julia. I thought her Jaycee costume was really eye catching and more complicated than her usual outfit, so I decided to make this one instead. When I wore it to Supanova Perth and no one knew who I was!

I’m an obsessive person, and I get really into particular games, books and animes so cosplaying as my favorite characters is quite natural! I also run a beauty blog on the side where I also post cosplay stuff: www.kimkine.blogspot.com

Cosplayer: Kim Kine

Jaycee Julia Chang from Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Jaycee Julia Chang from Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Jaycee Julia Chang from Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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