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November 8, 2015

Lucca & Robo from Chrono Trigger

Lucca & Robo

Chrono Trigger

Photographer: RE:PLICA

These are Lucca & Robo from the old skool RPG Chrono Trigger! It’s a project we’ve made together to enter the duo cosplay compo @ Animecon 2015 in The Hague, Netherlands. We’ve won first place in the C4 selection, making us Team Benelux 2015! The best thing of this project was the skit we’ve performed on stage ;)

Robo’s base is made out of cardboard and ductape haha! Same goes for Lucca’s helmet. After the shapes were created we coated the shapes with thermoplastic, primed & painted them.

These pictures were made in an abandoned factory, which was the perfect setting for this project! :D

Cosplayers: Evadoll & cellery

Lucca & Robo from Chrono Trigger
Lucca & Robo from Chrono Trigger
Lucca & Robo from Chrono Trigger
Lucca & Robo from Chrono Trigger

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