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October 29, 2015

Cia from Hyrule Warriors


Hyrule Warriors

Photographer: Vordigon Photography

I fell in love with Cia’s design when images of her she were first released for Hyrule Warriors and decided to make her costume before the game was released. When I finally got to play the game and saw her character and personality for the first time I was even more thrilled to cosplay her in the future. She’s such a fun character! I started construction on this cosplay around September of 2014, but I wasn’t able to complete it until July 2015. It was a rather ambitious cosplay for me to tackle creating at the time, but I loved the character design so much that I couldn’t help but try!

I learned more about costuming in this one build than I have with all my other projects combined, and I made everything on the costume from scratch (minus the wig). The shoes are a regular high heel base that I covered with craft foam, Mod Podge, and painted with acrylic paint, the armor is Worbla and craft foam, primed with spray primer and painted with spray paints and acrylics. Every piece of armor is held onto my body with either magnets or velcro. The gems are cast with resin and painted with nail polishes. I created the hat by making a base of of craft foam, foam board, and expanding foam, I covered that base with fabric, and then made the gold details with craft foam and Worbla like the rest of the armor. It took two tries to get the bodysuit right, and I made all the stripes with gold stretch vinyl and hand stitched them on. The fabric for the cape had to be dyed by hand as well because I couldn’t find any suitable purple/white gradient fabric already made. I even used stained glass techniques to make the silver bracelet and there are LEDs in my mask to make the eyes light up! It was the most frustrating project I’ve ever taken on, but seeing it all put together in these magnificent photos by Vordigon Photography makes all the struggles irrelevant!

So far I have entered this costume into two contests. The first was at Indy Pop Con 2015 where I on 3rd in the professional category and the second time was at Cincinnati Comic Expo where I won first place in the Journeyman category, which was the highest level category for that particular contest.

Cosplayer: Termina Cosplay

Cia from Hyrule Warriors
Cia from Hyrule Warriors
Cia from Hyrule Warriors
Cia from Hyrule Warriors

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