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April 17, 2016

Banshee from Ragnarok Online


Ragnarok Online

Photographer: Ashitaro

Banshee is ghost of young women who died with unhappy memories. The meeting with banshee foretells some misfortune, disease or even death.

First time I saw the Banshee from Ragnarok Online (I love this game so much! I have a few cosplays of characters from RO) I was... angry. Yes, angry and irritated. It’s terrible monster for beginner - strong, agressive and annoying. But in the next time I got the card (you have small chance win a card with monster’s portrait when you kill him/her/it) and I fell in love.

She was one of the most beautiful monstress which I ever seen, and now she is. That’s flamed hair, that’s ripped ball gown... wedding dress, I think, and she’s poor bride who died at wedding day. I want to make her dress immediately. But it was 2008, I believe, and I had enough skills for ball gown sewing and wig styling. I given up and made one of my own chars with simple outfit.

In fact, I finally made this cosplay accidentally. Last year was hard and tiring, I needed some rest. Unexpectedly I got some non-busy days before tropical vacation with unnecessary wigs and fabric in my hands. With my current skills I can make costumes very fast. Most difficult part of this shoot was a searching of photo studio located at the very secret place. But it was worth it. I’m very pleased by my Banshee photos.

Cosplayer: Lleye

Banshee from Ragnarok Online
Banshee from Ragnarok Online

Dancer Artwork from Ragnarok OnlineDancer Artwork
Ragnarok Online
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Stalker from Ragnarok OnlineStalker
Ragnarok Online
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The Witcher 3

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