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July 1, 2016

Mayoko Okino from Zone-00

Mayoko Okino


Photographer: EduardLuzhetskiy

Another character from Zone 00! I really like the character design from this manga, and there are many more characters that I'd like to cosplay one day!

Mayoko is my favourite witch in the manga for her personality, but for some reason I don't like her hairstyle that much, even if I love black hair u.u I made the costume and created the pattern myself as usual, however I must really thank my grandma for helping me to sew it in time ;W;

Assistant and tattooer ---> Seorth (a lot of love for you for your patience TwT)

Costume, make-up, wig and model ---> me

Cosplayer: KiaraBerry Cosplay

Mayoko Okino from Zone-00
Mayoko Okino from Zone-00
Mayoko Okino from Zone-00
Mayoko Okino from Zone-00

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