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July 31, 2016

Muffet from Undertale



Photographer: EZH Media

"Let you go? Don’t be silly~"

Muffet from Undertale by Toby Fox. She is the main boss the protagonist encounters in Hotland.

Muffet appears to be the leader of the spiders in the Underground. She also runs her own bake sale in Hotland, with the purpose of raising funds to rescue the spiders trapped in the Ruins, as they cannot make it past Snowdin's cold weather. She is very angry at passers who do not purchase anything from it.

Cosplayer: Sioxanne

Muffet from Undertale

Photographer: Captain John

Muffet from Undertale

Alphys and Muffet

Muffet from Undertale

Photographer: Captain John

Muffet from Undertale

Photographer: Cosnatics

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