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March 12, 2016

Oruha from Clover



Photographer: cxalena: Deviantart, Facebook

Oruha is a beautiful singer with a wonderful voice, but her destiny is sad.I love and feel sorry for her. That’s why I decided to create her cosplay. I’m very grateful to my friends which helped me to make wings and microphone and a wonderful red dress also.

The photoshoot came off in Minsk in autumn. The weather was cold and windy. My wings shook in that wind and I was ready to fly away. But we managed!!! I’m happy that my little dream came true.

I’m going to make a new cosplay of her. Oruha is one of my favorite characters! I hope you will like my new cosplay too.

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Oruha from Clover
Oruha from Clover

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