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March 7, 2016

Esdeath from Akame ga KILL!


Akame ga KILL!

Photographer: Dzikan

Esdeath is the leader of the Jaegers and a high-ranking officer from the Empire. She is known as the most powerful individual in the Empire and is an expert at torturing others, a talent she thoroughly enjoys.

Esdeath justifies her sadistic nature and love for conflict by her father's philosophy of "the strong survive and the weak die", and the upbringing she experienced in the north by surviving on her own under harsh conditions while killing danger beasts to keep herself alive after her tribe was wiped out. However, she is nevertheless capable of compassion for her comrades, and values the talented and powerful.

Her Teigu, "Demon God Manifestation: Demon's Extract" (魔神顕現 デモンズエキス Majin Kengen: Demonzu Ekisu), is the blood of an ultra-class beast that she drank, which allows her to create and manipulate ice. Her trump ability is to freeze time and space itself, allowing only herself to move freely to do as she pleases. She is also armed with a rapier and possesses great skills in combat, without resorting to her Teigu.

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Esdeath from Akame ga KILL!
Esdeath from Akame ga KILL!
Esdeath from Akame ga KILL!
Esdeath from Akame ga KILL!
Esdeath from Akame ga KILL!

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