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April 23, 2017

Cloud from Final Fantasy 7

Cloud Alternative Version

Final Fantasy 7

Photographer: Kara

I am a French photographer (please, forgive my bad english ^^)

This cosplay is a feminine version of Cloud, from Final Fantasy 7. The photoshoot was done in La Defense, it’s a business area from Paris, famous for their "high tech" buildings.

I met Agathe (the cosplayer) at Japan Expo, the biggest manga convention in Europe. I propose to her to make a photoshoot. Of course she was so cute and sexy, but to enhance her cosplay, I needed to find a good background. La Defense is very famous for us, French photographers. Maybe too much because we go all the time in this place ! So we need to find some new set maybe ^^

Cosplayer: Agathe

Cloud from Final Fantasy 7
Cloud from Final Fantasy 7
Cloud from Final Fantasy 7
Cloud from Final Fantasy 7

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