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August 24, 2017

Ciri from The Witcher


The Witcher

Photographer: Luk Blaek

Ciri has been my favourite character since my childhood. I decided to create the costume soon after announcing the game, but I have already known her from all the books for a long time.

The most difficult part was the sword, since I was good at sewing, but I didn’t have any experience with swordmaking. I decided to make it from wood, so it is safe for conventions and light to carry.

I never took part in a competition with this particular costume, simply because I’ve tried competing before and I didn’t like how it changes people. However, I hope you’ll like my work!

Cosplayer: Juriet

Ciri from The Witcher
Ciri from The Witcher
Ciri from The Witcher
Ciri from The Witcher

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