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December 8, 2017

Samus from Metroid



Originally when I "completed" this costume it was wearable only in a limited fashion. I could not walk around in it, among other issues, with the legs being the biggest problem area. I spent over a year 3D scanning the old legs and shoes (which were made of craft foam and worbla), making a 3D printable model from scratch, and printing all new thighs, shins, and shoes. In addition to that I updated the paint job of the yellow torso, better rigged the upper arm armor and forearm, refitted the visor and applied new reflective film, installed fans in the helmet, and more.

It's completed enough now that I was able to wear it to PAX West 2017 and Rose City Comicon 2017, and it was an amazing experience! I am so glad this costume is basically done now. There are a few finishing touches I'd like to eventually get to on it though: wiring the lights up (all green areas on the suit are actually lights, except the visor), and finishing the input/output audio system for the helmet which is about half done. If I feel up to it I'd also like to re-print the cannon because it's too heavy.

Cosplayer: TalaayaCosplay

Samus from Metroid
Samus from Metroid
Samus from Metroid

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