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January 19, 2017

Holli Would from Cool World

Holli Would

Cool World

Photographer: Key Taylor

Holli Would has a rather sordid history in Cool World, a realm of surreal landscapes and madcap cartoon violence. She frequents night clubs sporting revealing costumes and is followed by her own little gang of cartoon punks.

Holli has repeatedly come to blows with Cool World policeman Frank Harris, who is actually a "noid", a real person, due to her constant attempts at bringing other human men into Cool World. There is an unspoken rule in that "noids" and "doodles" are never supposed to have sex, and Frank is constantly dealing with Holli's insatiable lust. Despite appearances, Holli is a manipulative, amoral, and at times spoiled woman whose main goal is to become a real woman, and to find the legendary "Spike of Power", a device created in Cool World which opened up the boundaries between the two worlds.

Cosplayer: Oniksiya Sofinikum

Holli Would from Cool World
Holli Would from Cool World
Holli Would from Cool World

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