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July 13, 2017

Nevan from Devil May Cry


Devil May Cry

Photographer: Stark Photo

Nevan the Sorceress of the Abyss was one of the demon gatekeepers sealed away in the Temen-ni-gru by Sparda. A natural seducer, Nevan often flirts with people and even uses her body in a seductive manner to lure them down the dark path of hell or to kill them.

She is a powerful demon who can control and call upon lightning. While being powerful in her own right, she is in neither in Dante nor Sparda's league.

Cosplayer: eX-Dreamer

Nevan from Devil May Cry
Nevan from Devil May Cry
Nevan from Devil May Cry

Lady from Devil May Cry 4Lady
Devil May Cry 4
Kat from Devil May CryKat
Devil May Cry
Trish from Devil May CryTrish
Devil May Cry
Gloria from Devil May CryGloria
Devil May Cry

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