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July 23, 2017

Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers

Rita Repulsa

Power Rangers

Photographer: Lucas Marinho

Rita Repulsa, a former member of Zordon's Ranger team, betrayed them to acquire the power of the Zeo Crystal, the source of all life on Earth, killing the rest of the team until Zordon buried the Power Coins and had Alpha hide his location with a meteor that blasted Rita into the ocean and seriously damaged her armour.

She is brought up in the present day by a fishing boat captained by Sam Scott, Jason's father, and soon sets about gathering gold to replenish her power with the goal of unleashing Goldar, a massive monster who will allow her to acquire the Crystal.

Cosplayer: FLovett

Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers
Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers
Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers

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