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July 29, 2017

Arch Blood Mage from Rage of Bahamut

Arch Blood Mage

Rage of Bahamut

Photographer: FotomaniaPhoto

I'm in love with this photoset *^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*

Costume, Wig, Accessories by Me, I'm really proud of me ç_ç

I played Rage of Bahamut since January 2015, and i'm really upset that the european server is up to close at the end of this month... I really like this card game, and I'm in love with a lot of characters because the illustrations are amazing and it's a shame that all that work'll be delete..

Well, I hope you'll like my costume (I modified it because the original was a little naked x'D) <3

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Cosplayer: ArashiHeartgramm

Arch Blood Mage from Rage of Bahamut
Arch Blood Mage from Rage of Bahamut
Arch Blood Mage from Rage of Bahamut

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