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June 1, 2017

Sonoshee McLaren from Redline

Sonoshee McLaren


Photographer: Shinkarchuk

Hi, I’m Molza, cosplayer from Russia! Me and my husband together did a cosplay of Sonoshee and JP from «RedLine».

I think «RedLine» is just an insanely good and breathtaking anime. It’s an absolutely unique thing to watch, a pure chaos on a mind-blowing speed, and it took SEVEN (!!!) YEARS to develop and release! I personally think this movie is a little bit underrated in the community, so if haven’t watched it yet – give it a try. Just look at this character designs! We love «RedLine» and you should too :)

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Cosplayer: Molza

Sonoshee McLaren from Redline

JP cosplay by Megraam

Sonoshee McLaren from Redline
Sonoshee McLaren from Redline
Sonoshee McLaren from Redline

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