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May 30, 2017

Garm from Mass Effect 2


Mass Effect 2

Photographer: Jason Hsu

Garm is 7 and a half feet of pure Krogan, made entirely of foam floor mats, upholstery foam, and PVC pipes. He took about 600 hours to make, the most difficult piece being the head - which is also the piece I am most proud of. I decided to make Garm because I had always wanted to make a Krogan, but I didn’t want to make Wrex or Grunt, the two main Krogan everyone else has made. I also wanted to go full size, so who better than the one referred to in-game as the biggest, baddest Krogan you’ve ever seen?

I’ve worn Garm at a couple local conventions, including our local Comic Con, and amazingly won Best Overall Masters for him - when I entered as Intermediate (since I’m still pretty new to the contest scene). People loved seeing such a massive creature, even the ones who had no idea who it was. Even though I can only wear him for an hour or two at a time it’s totally worth the pain just to hear everyone’s excitement at seeing Garm!

Cosplayer: Ascension Props

Garm from Mass Effect 2

Photo by kholdstare622 on Reddit — with Ryan Bird and Maggie McGrath at Salt Lake Comic Con.

Garm from Mass Effect 2
Garm from Mass Effect 2

I absolutely had to share this amazing bit of work. This guy floored me with the amount of detail he put into his Jim Raynor build (Starcraft, in case you don't know). Lights, moving fingers, and even the 2 visors on servos! Friggin epic. Even more amazing? IT'S HIS FIRST FREAKING BUILD.

Pictures by my brother.

Garm from Mass Effect 2

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