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September 20, 2017

Jupiter Jones from Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Jones

Jupiter Ascending

Photographer: Aleksa

Hello everyone, here`s my Jupiter cosplay again! I was inspired by Mila Kunis look in the Wachowski`s movie "Jupiter Ascending" and fell in love with her wedding gown, especially with her headdress. Then I decided to make this incredible costume.

Each detail of the headdress and dress was made by me. It took me about one year to do this costume.

A plenty of red flowers and the shape of this headdress remind Chinese traditional headdresses a little bit. Jupiter`s designers may be inspired by that old Asian fashion.

The most difficult part of Jupiter’s dress - endless thick and twisted petals. Also they took me lots of time to make them, meeeh.

Now Rose’s gowns from "Titanic" don’t seem labour-intensive to me.

Cosplayer: Haneda

Jupiter Jones from Jupiter Ascending
Jupiter Jones from Jupiter Ascending
Jupiter Jones from Jupiter Ascending
Jupiter Jones from Jupiter Ascending

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