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July 12, 2015

Rose Dewitt Bukater from Titanic

Rose Dewitt Bukater


Photographers: Cristina Sorokina, Eugeniya Rotanova

Hello everyone! Here`s my cosplay of Rose Dewitt Bukater from Titanic.

This photoset of the main heroine – Rose Dewitt Bukater - was based on the suicide scene (Remember? She was going to jump into cold Atlantic waters and then she met Jack Dawson there) Yep, that`s my favorite scene by the way. Pretty hard to answer “why”… Well, because of emotions which gave us the perfect Kate Winslet`s performance. During this scene we begin to get to know the main characters better. And that`s my favorite beaded dress from Titanic movie.

Now about sewing the JumpDress (each Rose`s dresses got their special names depending on the scenes where they appeared. So, Rose was going to jump off that`s why the dress that she wore in this scene is called “JumpDress”) It was sewn in Edwardian Empire style, `cause this dress has a basque which reminds us Empire fashion. It was sewn from red sateen, two layers of black gauze with a black jour gauze with a train. The bodice and train were embroidered by me using a plenty of Czech beads and rhinestones. The inprogress took me about 10 months of work! I began to do it in June, 2014 and finished in February, 2015. But it`s worth to do it. It`s a big experience in embroidering and sewing at all.

On the festival Comic Con, which was taken in St.Petersburg, 2015, I won the nomination called "The best movie". As a matter of fact it was pretty difficult to wear this dress because of full beaded basque, it`s like an armor bra, lol.

And I wanna thank my photographers Evgeniya Rotanova and Cris Sorokina for photos.

It was also very important to act like young Kate Winslet and show Rose’s emotions at that moment. Hope that I could do it.

P.S. all decorations in suicide scene photos were made by me.

Cosplayer: Haneda

Rose Dewitt Bukater from Titanic
Rose Dewitt Bukater from Titanic
Rose Dewitt Bukater from Titanic
Rose Dewitt Bukater from Titanic

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