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January 20, 2018

Aphrodite Aphra Cadabra from Smite

Aphrodite - Aphra Cadabra Skin


Photographer: Sei

At a wedding attended by all the Gods, a golden apple appeared, inscribed with the words "to the fairest." Immediately Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty, her mother Hera, and sister Athena quarreled over it. Zeus elected Paris, Prince of Troy, to choose a victor. In exchange for being named the fairest, Aphrodite offered any woman in the world as his wife, so Paris agreed. However, he chose Helen as his wife, and their love began the catastrophic Trojan War.

Now, a new war brews, but this one between Gods, not men. While the battlefield is no place for the fairest of all, Aphrodite recalls the destruction between the Greeks and Trojans. Perhaps, this time, her beauty can be used to stop a war instead of start one.

Cosplayer: Niamash

Aphrodite Aphra Cadabra from Smite
Aphrodite Aphra Cadabra from Smite
Aphrodite Aphra Cadabra from Smite

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