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March 11, 2018

Queen of Hearts from Sakizou

Queen of Hearts


Photographer: Torati

My name is Lucrecia (Helen) and I’m a cosplayer from Russia! Nice to meet you all!! I’m making cosplay and craft about 8 years, and all costumes are made by me. I also a cosplay photographer.

I'm a great fan of Sakizou works thats why I decided to make the Queen of hearts costume.

If you like my works feel free to follow or support me:

VK | Deviantart | Worldcosplay | ko-fi.com

Cosplayer: Lucrecia

Queen of Hearts from Sakizou
Queen of Hearts from Sakizou
Queen of Hearts from Sakizou
Queen of Hearts from Sakizou

Princess White Rose from SaGa Frontier (Sakizou's artbook version)Princess White Rose
SaGa Frontier (Sakizou's artbook version)
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Trinity Blood
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Trinity Blood
Helga von Vogelweide from Trinity BloodHelga von Vogelweide
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