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April 21, 2019

Cottontail Teemo from League of Legends

Cottontail Teemo

League of Legends

Photographer: Renato "Reno" Mahmutagić

This humanized female version of Teemo was a project I did just for fun! xD I had some left-over fake furr and decided to use it for something and Cottontail Teemo came instantly to my mind as I play with that skin a lot. I can also use this for Kitty Cat Katarina later this year! ;D Woop~

Hope you all like the pictures! ^3^

Photo by Renato "Reno" Mahmutagić, edit by Pugoffka

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Cosplayer: TineMarieRiis

Cottontail Teemo from League of Legends
Cottontail Teemo from League of Legends
Cottontail Teemo from League of Legends

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