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June 24, 2020

Catwoman from Batman 66


Batman 66

Photographer: HeatherAfterCosplay

This Spring marks Catwoman's 80th Anniversary! 😸

There's a lot to like about the 60s Batman TV series....but the episodes with Catwoman were always my favorites. ❤️ The chemistry between Julie Newmar and Adam West was so charming, and I loved how funny they were together! 😹😹😹

Did you know that there was a time (for about a dozen years) when Catwoman was banned from appearing in comic books? Apparently the Comic Code Authority felt that she was sending the "wrong message" to kids because (as Batman's love interest) she was never truly punished for her crimes. It was actually her popularity on the 1960s Batman television show that finally brought the powers that be to their senses, and Catwoman has made quite a comeback!

As they say in the movies: "Thanks for everything Julie Newmar!" 😽

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Cosplayer: HeatherAfter Cosplay

Catwoman from Batman 66
Catwoman from Batman 66
Catwoman from Batman 66

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