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May 26, 2015

Blood Elf Warlock from World of Warcraft

Blood Elf Warlock

World of Warcraft

Photographer: Linda S.

Cosplaying from World of Warcraft had been one of my goals since I started. It took me quite a while to choose which costume to make but once I took a closer look at the tier 9 raid set I knew I had to make this. There were so many details that were lost in the low resolution game model which I knew would look awesome in real life.

Making the costume was a rollercoaster of experimenting with new materials like real leather and EVA foam but I still had a blast while working on it. There’s something about making costumes which no one else or very few have done before. Seeing the end result at convention morning when I for the first time wore whole costume at the same time felt very satisfying.

I hope everyone one day dare to try out something totally different than they’ve ever made before.

Cosplayer: Kis

Blood Elf Warlock from World of Warcraft
Blood Elf Warlock from World of Warcraft
Blood Elf Warlock from World of Warcraft
Blood Elf Warlock from World of Warcraft

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