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July 12, 2020

Catwoman from Batman Returns


Batman Returns

I broke out this cosplay over the weekend in what will probably be the only time I self-shoot in this suit. It was just way too difficult to manage the camera in it but luckily I got some good stuff out of it.

This suit is pretty much shoot exclusive since it requires such a controlled climate to not end up feeling hungover the next day. It's a mix of all that good stuff, latex, pvc, urethane, and patent leather. None of it breathes in the slightest but man I love the way it looks.

Edit by my friend ZuppShots using one of my self-shoot photos.

Cosplayer: CuriousCatCosplay

Catwoman from Batman Returns

Photographer: @eternalcosplayapp

Catwoman from Batman Returns
Catwoman from Batman Returns

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