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December 12, 2014

Battle Bunny Riven from League of Legends

Battle Bunny Riven

League of Legends

Photographer: Adele Bruno

Hello I am Efwen, a 20 years old german cosplay girl and today I want to show you my Battlebunny Riven Costume from this year. The Costume consists of some Fabric Parts and the big Riven Sword. The Sword was a big challenge for me, because it was the first larger prop I made. The sword is made out of Plexiglass, Worbla and Styrodur.

I really like this costume and the character, because it looks nice and sweet, but on the inside the character is bloodthirsty and willing to murder everyone, who gets in her way ;)

I wore this Costume to many German Conventions like Dokomi, Animagic and Cosday. I got good feedback for this Costume, especially from people who know Riven from the game. Hope you like my Costume :)

Cosplayer: Efwen Cosplay

Battle Bunny Riven from League of Legends
Battle Bunny Riven from League of Legends
Battle Bunny Riven from League of Legends

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