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December 9, 2014

Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon

Princess Serenity

Sailor Moon

Photographer: La Clover

I’ve always been a big fan of Sailor Moon since childhood. And Princess Serenity image was my favourite.

Princess Serenity lived in the Moon Kingdom during the times of Silver Millennium. She is the essence of light, love, hope and faith. On the one hand she could be funny and childish, and on the other hand graceful and majestic.

I tried to make everything as close to the original as possible, especially the style of the wig (thanks to my dear friend that helped me). That costume brought me a lot of good memories, even won the contest. It was really great to see that people remember and love that wonderful fandom.

Cosplayer: Likanda

Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon
Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon
Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon
Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon

Super Sailor Moon from Sailor MoonSuper Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon
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