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January 16, 2014

Mord-Sith from Legend of the Seeker


Legend of the Seeker

Photographer: Brother Gus

Model/MUA/Stylist: Me

Designer: ANW Leather

Editor: Pissed Off Pistol Photography

The Mord-Sith are an elite group of women warriors from D'Hara. They were created to defend the master of D'Hara, Lord Rahl, from creatures and people with magic. Mord-Sith believe that it is their sole purpose in life and in death to serve the Lord Rahl unconditionally, and in every way; their devotion is unparalleled.

The only weapon that Mord-Sith carry is the Agiel, a magical rod that causes constant pain to anyone who touches it. Mord-Sith use Agiels to fight, but primarily to torture and break captives and enemies, turning them into devoted "pets." Each Mord-Sith wields the Agiel with which as a child she herself was broken.

Cosplayer: MordsithCara

Mord-Sith from Legend of the Seeker
Mord-Sith from Legend of the Seeker
Mord-Sith from Legend of the Seeker
Mord-Sith from Legend of the Seeker
Mord-Sith from Legend of the Seeker

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